Sony updates its flagship Xperia to Android 13


Sony Android 13Sony has announced that it is starting to roll out the [Android 13] update to the [Xperia 1 ] and [Xperia 5 IV], both of which were introduced earlier this year.

Android 13 arrived on compatible Pixel devices in mid-August, keeping Material You as the design layer. This design change was one of the biggest revolutions that Android had for a long time.

An update of Android 13 that arrives on time

Although it is true that until recently manufacturers were slow to incorporate the latest version of Android in their top-of-the-range, the current trend points to the speed of companies updating to Android 13.

Since Android 13 came out on Pixels, manufacturers such as OnePlus, Samsung and Realme have released the stable version of the Android 13 update on their devices.

Sony did not want to be outdone and jumped into the pool to keep the Japanese firm’s terminals fresh, a complete success on the part of the company.

A nonexistent changelog

Other manufacturers have been very transparent about what the Android 13 update is all about. Sony, on the other hand, seems not to be transparent in this aspect, since apparently, they have not included a list of changes in which we can see bug fixes and improvements…

In this sense, we cannot see the real scope that Sony wants to maintain with Android 13, making the announcement a little poor for our liking. We will have to wait to know the changes once we are updating the terminal.

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The update should come from the announcement

As we have mentioned, Sony has not given clear details about when the update will arrive, so we will have to wait yet to find out if we already have it available or not.

Initially, and following the philosophy of other manufacturers, the update should now arrive in a staggered and progressive manner, starting with a few countries and reaching the whole world.


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