Везёт (Рутакси) — заказ такси V1.29.0 – Download for Android and PC



Везёт (Рутакси) — заказ таксиВезёт (Рутакси) — заказ такси: Now you can download Везёт (Рутакси) — заказ такси APK File for Android on PC, both the smartphones and the tablets which are running Android 4.2+. It is one of the Best Auto & Vehicles Games, that you should give it a try.
The biggest advantage of installing an apk is that you don’t have to worry about geographical restrictions. You can download Везёт (Рутакси) — заказ такси apk from our servers and install them with the preferred methods in the link below. To download the Apk file, you can choose the download links from below. After you have downloaded Везёт (Рутакси) — заказ такси, copy the apk to your SD card or your device. Then use any preferred file manager you have and install it on your device.
  • Везёт (Рутакси) — заказ такси Screenshot
  • Везёт (Рутакси) — заказ такси Screenshot

Download Везёт (Рутакси) — заказ такси APK

Везёт (Рутакси) — заказ такси is one of the best Auto & Vehicles Apps that you are about to download. And you are to download the latest version of Везёт (Рутакси) — заказ такси. We have provided the direct links below, just click on it to start downloading the App now.


But first, navigate to Settings > Security and tick Allow installation from Unknown Sources.

KRONOS, LLC Auto & Vehicles

Везёт (Рутакси) — заказ такси is the property of KRONOS, LLC What we have provided you are the download links of the Apk file that you can install manually. Keep in mind that PC Forecaster only provides the free apk of apps. Those files are free of any modifications or any changes at all.

App Information

Name Везёт (Рутакси) — заказ такси
Developer KRONOS, LLC
App Updated 2020-04-27
APK Version V1.29.0
Category Auto & Vehicles App
Android Version Required Android 4.2+
APK File Size 8.6 MB
File Name ru.rutaxi.vezetV1.29.0.apk



If you want to know how to install the apk file in many different ways, then follow this article.

Previous Versions

Везёт (Рутакси) — заказ такси V1.29.0 2020-04-27
Везёт (Рутакси) — заказ такси V1.28.0 2020-03-31
Везёт (Рутакси) — заказ такси V1.14.0 2019-08-15
Везёт (Рутакси) — заказ такси V1.13.1 2019-08-03
Везёт (Рутакси) — заказ такси V1.13.0 2019-07-05
Везёт (Рутакси) — заказ такси V1.12.0 2019-06-14
Везёт (Рутакси) — заказ такси V1.11.3 2019-05-24
Везёт (Рутакси) — заказ такси V1.11.2 2019-04-12
Везёт (Рутакси) — заказ такси V1.11 2019-03-26
Везёт (Рутакси) — заказ такси V1.10.1 2018-12-20
Везёт (Рутакси) — заказ такси V1.10 2018-12-17
Везёт (Рутакси) — заказ такси V1.9 2018-11-30
Везёт (Рутакси) — заказ такси V1.8.2 2018-10-21
Везёт (Рутакси) — заказ такси V1.7 2018-09-16
Везёт (Рутакси) — заказ такси V1.6.1 2018-08-13
Везёт (Рутакси) — заказ такси V1.5 2018-07-18
Везёт (Рутакси) — заказ такси V1.4 2018-06-30
Везёт (Рутакси) — заказ такси V1.3.1 2018-06-23
Везёт (Рутакси) — заказ такси V1.3 2018-06-09
Везёт (Рутакси) — заказ такси V1.2.2 2018-06-01
Везёт (Рутакси) — заказ такси V1.2.1 2018-04-28
Везёт (Рутакси) — заказ такси V1.1.1 2018-04-07
Везёт (Рутакси) — заказ такси V1.1 2018-03-23
Везёт (Рутакси) — заказ такси V1.0.1 2017-12-27
Везёт (Рутакси) — заказ такси V1.0 2017-12-07

Install Везёт (Рутакси) — заказ такси in PC (Windows 7/8/10 or MAC)

There are a lot of ways to install Везёт (Рутакси) — заказ такси on PC, but we are summarizing the easiest and the reliable ones. The best emulator for android apps is the Bluestacks and then comes the Kn0x App player. We are providing you the tutorials of both of them. You can try the one you are feeling most comfortable with.
We’ll be using 2 methods to install the App on PC. Install Везёт (Рутакси) — заказ такси using:

1. BlueStacks

  • To Start, install BlueStacks on PC
  • Then Launch BlueStacks on PC
  • Once BlueStacks is opened, click the My Apps button in the emulator
  • Search for: Везёт (Рутакси) — заказ такси
  • You will see search results for the App. Just tap Install to get it
  • Then you’ll be asked to log in with your Google account. So you can download apps from Google Play on Bluestacks
  • After login, the installation process will start for Везёт (Рутакси) — заказ такси.

2. Knox Player

  • Start with Installing the NOx app player on PC, if you still haven’t.
  • After the installation run Nox on PC and log in to your Google account
  • Search for: Везёт (Рутакси) — заказ такси
  • Install the App by clicking on Install Button on your Nox emulator
  • Once installation completed, you will be able to play Везёт (Рутакси) — заказ такси on your PC

FAQ’s Везёт (Рутакси) — заказ такси

Is it possible to use Везёт (Рутакси) — заказ такси on PC?

Yes, you can use Везёт (Рутакси) — заказ такси on PC using Android Emulator be it Windows 7,8,10, or Mac OS X.

Can I use Везёт (Рутакси) — заказ такси on a PC (Windows 7/8/10 or MAC) without a phone?

Yes, you can use Везёт (Рутакси) — заказ такси on PC without using your Phone. You just have to use an Android Emulator for that.

How can I use Везёт (Рутакси) — заказ такси on my PC without bluestacks?

If you don’t want to use Bluestacks to use any Android App on PC you can select any of the emulators from a variety out there. Some famous emulators include Knox App player, Memu Play Gameloop, and many more.

Is it illegal to use Android Emulators like Bluestacks or Knox Player?

No, it is not illegal to use any android Emulator to use Android Apps.

Which emulator is best for Везёт (Рутакси) — заказ такси?

For now, we recommend Bluestacks but if you are not comfortable with it we recommend Knox App player or Memu play.

Is Android Emulator(Bluestack, Knox player, Memu Play, Gameloop) free or paid?

No, Android emulators such as Bluestacks and Knox Player are not paid although they do ask you to install certain Apps as mod of payment.

What is the safest Android emulator?

For now Bluestacks, Knox App Player, and Gameloop seem to be the safest Android Emulators.


And if you have any queries related to the App you can also contact the developer here: KRONOS, LLC
This is all for the Везёт (Рутакси) — заказ такси V1.29.0 – Download for Android and PC, I hope you liked the Tutorial and the review. For more Apps and Games you can come back to PCForecaster and if you have any queries you can leave them in the comments section below.


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