How to install an APK file on Android?


install an APK file on AndroidSome smartphone owners do not even suspect that games and applications can be downloaded not only from Google Play. Like Windows, the Android operating system allows you to download and install the application as a separate file. But if computer programs have the .exe extension, then the installation file with the mobile utility has the .apk extension.

By default, almost any smartphone does not allow you to install programs and games from other sources. What is the reason for this?

  • First, Google receives a certain percentage of the sale of each app. It is simply not profitable for it to give users the opportunity to search for games and programs elsewhere.
  • Secondly, the Google Play online store makes it much easier to find any application and also publishes reviews on it. In this regard, the company is doing its best to teach users to download software only from Google Play.
  • Thirdly, a virus may well be hiding on third-party resources under the guise of a very useful utility.

It should be remembered that if you decide to install the APK file on Android, then you should not hope for its subsequent update. The fact is that only those applications that were installed through the aforementioned Google Play are able to update on a smartphone.


You can download a file with the .apk extension either using a computer or directly to a smartphone using an Internet browser. If you decide to use a computer, then you need to transfer the file to your mobile device. The easiest way to do this is by connecting it with a USB cable. Then all that remains is to drop the APK file into the Download folder or any other.

If, when connected to a computer, the device does not want to give you access to the file system, then go to Settings and go to the For Developers section.

Here you should check the box next to ” Debugging via USB “.

Now you can definitely transfer the file to your smartphone. But that is not all! Now you need to run it in order to start the installation process. To do this, use any file manager. This can be ES Explorer or a utility under the simplest name File Manager (“Explorer” in the Russian version of the online store). Using such a program, you need to go to the Download folder (if the APK file was downloaded there). Then you just have to click on the file.

The last step is to confirm the installation of the application. Along the way, the device will tell you exactly what permissions the program requires. On Android 6.0, permissions are already issued during the use of the application, as it accesses certain parts of the operating system.

If, when you click on the APK file, a window pops up informing about the impossibility of installation, then you should use the following instruction:

Step 1. Exit to the smartphone menu and go to ” Settings “.

Step 2. Go to the ” Security ” section.

Step 3. Activate the checkbox next to the item ” Unknown sources “.

Step 4. Now head back to the file manager to retry installing the application.

On some smartphones running on a more recent version of Android, it is not necessary to pre-allow installation from unknown sources. You just need to run the downloaded apk file through the explorer, go to the settings through the window that appears and move the “Allow installation from external sources” slider to the active state.


That’s all. This completes the installation. You can see the shortcut of the new program in the menu – you will have to drag it to the desktop manually, it will not automatically appear there.


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