How to Spawn Villagers in Minecraft


Spawn Villagers MinecraftYou created a stunning Minecraft world. Your dream city or home is stacked. It contains a pool and an underground basement—only you. You construct, build, ride horses, fish, eat, and sleep daily. You wish to escape this dullness. You want to trade and chat in-game. Villagers help. Your village seems vibrant with residents. Passive mobs work, breed, and interact. Three techniques exist to spawn villagers in Minecraft. You can summon them, convert zombies, or make them spontaneously.

Summoning the villagers with game command

Minecraft players may command villagers to a spot. The command requires to cheat mode.

Steps to call a villager:

  • Pop up the game chat by tapping “T” on PC/Java
  • Type /summon villager

This summons a villager. But if you want the villager to spawn in a certain location on the map;

  • “/summon Villager [x] [y] [z]”. Replace x,y, and z with absolute coordinates like 117 56 287.

To spawn a villager on PS4, type:

  • /summon villager [spawnPos] [spawnEvent] [nameTag]

Specify spawnPos, the coordinate. The villager’s optional spawnEvent is the event’s name. Finally, nameTag will show above the villager and maybe whatever name you choose.

Java and all Bedrock editions support summoning:

  • Portable (PE) Pocket Edition (PE) v0.16.0 Xbox One v1.2

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Naturalize your village

Minecraft villagers can also be attracted spontaneously. NPC settlements have natural-born villagers. First, establish a community with adequate flats and beds, then find NPC villages and return two villagers.

However, kidnapping is the only way to return a villager. Visit an NPC settlement near a body of water, put a peasant into the boat, and drive them to your village. Destroy the boat to let the villager in.

If your settlement has decent housing, jobs, and food, locals will breed.

Cure zombie villager

Zombies are infected villagers. But they live on. Curing a zombie villager makes it healthy again and helps you repopulate.

A Golden Apple and Potion of Weakness can cure a zombie villager. If you can heal a zombie villager, they will recall their work and how to trade, making them valuable assets.


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