How to make an endless source of lava in Minecraft?


By using a simple trick, you may turn water into a limitless and regenerating supply in Minecraft. It formerly functioned for lava, but the block’s composition has since altered. The use of lava as a resource has ended. Although, with the addition of new blocks in the most recent Minecraft upgrades, there are ways to generate unlimited lava.

Get Infinite lava Minecraft

You need the following in Minecraft if you want an endless supply of lava:

  • Pointed dripstone that it is only one block high
  • Smooth Blackstone
  • One bucket of lava
  • Four cobblestone blocks
  • An iron cauldron

Dripstone with a pointy surface is a common rock formation in the real world. It’s a common cave occurrence. Any sort of pickaxe will do to gather it. It’s not too difficult to track down.

The underworld is a natural habitat for Blackstone. It exists in the Basalt delta biome, and you may locate it near lava. Any pickaxe will do to gather it. A total of four polished Blackstone may be produced by arranging eight Blackstone blocks in a 22 pattern on the crafting table.

Fill a bucket with the molten rock. Grab a total of six cobblestones.

There must also be a cauldron present. The required 7 iron ingots are easily accessible for its creation. Gather the cauldron and arrange the materials in a U on the workbench.

Assuming you have all the necessary components, you can now start working on your lava fountain.

  1. Place a second cobblestone on top of the first one.
  2. After stacking the cobblestones, top them with a single smooth Blackstone.
  3. Get rid of the two cobblestones supporting it.
  4. Layer the flat Blackstone on top of the pointy dripstone.
  5. Bring the pot and set it beneath the stone that drops water.
  6. To finish off the smooth Blackstone, place a single cobblestone on top.
  7. Remove the central block and replace it with more cobblestones.
  8. In this center block, pour one bucket of lava.
  9. Watch the dripstone and it will start dripping lava into the cauldron.
  10. Wait for the cauldron to fill with lava and then collect it with a bucket.

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Getting lava with this approach takes a long time. Unlike the unlimited water technique, which provides an endless supply of water immediately, this one falls far short. Multiple lava collectors can be set up in this way to supply large lava demands. You may speed up the tick rate in Creative mode to get lava more quickly and give you a good idea of how this would work there.


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