How to install applications on your tablet directly from your Android


Install Apps on Tablet using Android PhoneInitially, the Google Play Store only allowed you to install applications on the device it was installed on, but little by little it has been allowing you to do it remotely with your Google accountThe American giant’s app store already allowed you to install apps on your TV with Android TV or on your Chromebook with ChromeOS from your smartphone, and now the Mountain View company has extended that functionality to tablets as well . For this reason, below, we are going to tell you how you can install applications on your tablet directly from your Android mobile.

Install applications on your Android tablet from your smartphone

The first requirement to be able to install apps on your tablet directly from your Android mobile is that you are logged into both devices with the same Google account.

Once this condition is satisfied, to install an app or a game on your tablet from your smartphone you simply have to open the Play Store on your mobile, select the application you want to send to your tablet, and click on the drop-down menu that appears on the right of the Install option .

Next, you have to mark the check that appears to the right of the name of the tablet on which you want to install the application or game and click on the Install button .

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Once this is done, a message will appear at the bottom indicating that the chosen app will be installed soon on the chosen device, and in a matter of seconds said application or game will begin to be installed on your tablet, being able to see the installation progress both in the mobile as in the tablet .

Logically, thanks to this function you can install, at once, the same app or game at the same time on your mobile and your tablet, since, for this, you only have to select both devices in the installation drop-down menu of the Play Store on your smartphone.


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