How to Automatically Translate any Website using Firefox


FireFox TranslateGoogle Chrome is, without a doubt, one of the best web browsers for Android, especially because it has a set of tools that make it easier for you to surf the web, but in the Google Play Store, you also have several equally valid alternatives available that they hide really useful functionalitiesThat is the case of Firefox, a web browser that I have been using for several years on Android and that has a function that will allow you to automatically translate any website .

Easily translate any website with Firefox Nightly

The first thing you should know is that Firefox has three different versions in the Play Store :

  • Firefox: the most stable version of the Mozilla Foundation web browser
  • Firefox Focus: A privacy-focused variant that clears all browsing data and cookies when you close it
  • Firefox Nightly: a development version that receives the news before the other two previous apps

Starting from this base, the first thing you have to do to be able to automatically translate any web page is to install the Nightly version from Google Play, since it is the only one that has this functionality enabled, at least for now.

Once Firefox Nightly is installed on your Android mobile, the next step is to configure it so that you have access to all the extensions available for this mobile browser.

To enable all Firefox Nightly extensions, the first thing you need to do is open the app on your Android smartphone and tap on the menu button with the three vertical dots located in the lower right corner of the app.

Next, you must enter the Settings section, click on the last option About Firefox Nightly and touch the Firefox Nightly logo three times until the message: Debugging menu activated appears at the bottom.

Once this is done, go back to the Firefox Nightly Settings menu and within the Advanced section, click on the Custom Add-on Collection option .

In the next pop-up window, fill in the User ID field with the following numbers: 12325762 and the Collection Name field with the word: Fenix and click the OK button .

By doing this, the app will restart and when you reopen it you will have all the Firefox Nightly extensions available.

The last step to be able to activate the translator in this browser is to enable its extension in the application to access the available extensions you have to click on the icon of the three vertical dots that appears in the lower right part, click on the Complements option and Tap on the Plugin Manager button .

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Once inside the Firefox Nightly add-on catalog, the next thing to do is locate the extension called TWP-Translate Web Pages, click on the icon with the “+” sign that is located to the right of it, and click on the Add button .

From now on, when you open any web page in Firefox Nightly you will see at the bottom a new bar with the Google translate icon and two buttons: Original and Translated simply pressing the latter the text of the website you are viewing will be translated automatically to the language you have configured on your smartphone .

Download: Firefox Nightly for Developers



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